Podsode 98: Talk Your H-Town Gems Feat. Erin The Renegade

On this episode your hosts Natasha and Stephany bring special guest Erin from @8AtTheTable to talk their sh*! on:

•Growing up in Houston,Texas

•Long distance relationships and reasons why they work.

•Challenges when moving to a new city with a partner.

•The inspiration behind her real estate passion

•Her start on a well known show called 8atthetable.

•The 80/20 Principle in relationships

•Trendies: In a sexless marriage, is it okay to cheat?

•Fun Fact: Masturbating more than 21 times a month can actually decrease your risk of getting prostate cancer. Also, unisex condoms are a thing now.

•Put Yourself In My Shoes: When should you tell the person you’re seeing/in a relationship with about your STD or STI status?

•And more!

Tune in every week for more!

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Erin The Renegade


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