Podsode 92: Talk Your Therapy 101 Feat. Dhesiay Tiburcio, LCSW

On this episode your hosts Natasha and Stephany bring special guest Dhesiay Tiburcio from the iHeartMe,LLC to talk their sh*! on:

•Providing psychotherapy to humans in NY

•Being a Latina

•Steph shares her therapy session experience

•Therapy sessions in movies vs therapy session in real life

•Managing your time in a career, with motherhood, while being a partner on the daily

•Could you accept less from a man who did the most for his last women & you know it?

•Fun Fact: 1849, enslaved American Henry “Box” Brown packed himself in a box and mailed himself to a state where slavery was illegal. —@uberfacts

•Would You Rather: Work easily for someone else or work hard for yourself?

•And more!

Tune in every week for more!

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Dhesiay Tiburcio, LCSW - iHeartMeLLC

Simple Practice

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